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You’re an ambitious career woman. You’re a loving mother. Yet, there is more in life that you want and crave.

You may have an inkling of what you want, but how do you get there? Oftentimes it might feel easier to just follow the path you’re on, but that is not being authentic to you or the life you envision.

In Mommytracked, Dr .Jun helps you define success through reflection and tapping into your inner core throughout the different phases of your life. This book is packed with exercises designed to catapult you forward with clarity and inspiration, as well as micro-actions you can take every day to get you closer to your goal. You will learn to change your approach and mindset regarding the fear of the unknown so that you can start living authentically!

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Sohee Jun PhD Leadership Coach & Author - Mommy Tracked Book

“As a past client, I've personally benefited from Sohee's boundless talent and wisdom. Sohee taught me how to listen better, work faster, and delegate more. Anyone who reads Mommytracked will come away with the inspiration and tools they need to feel happier at their job-and in their life. So do yourself a favor and read this book! You can thank me-and Sohee-later.”

Peter Nowalk creator/showrunner of How to Get Away with Murder

“Sohee Jun's perspectives on balancing the tightrope between motherhood and career woman will help you see that it's possible for women to achieve success-defined solely by what we think matters most to our unique selves. Invest in yourself by diving into this valuable book and creating space to be individually 'coached' by Sohee Jun”

Yon Na, PhD, leadership and organizational effectiveness, founder of Radiance HQ - Advancing Asian Women at the Workplace

“Sohee masterfully weaves together the space between lived experience and practical guidance. I admire her ability to normalize the challenges that many professionals face, and how she finds ways to make the steps toward a better life and work seem so accessible to so many.”

Abraham M. Gutsioglou, founder of Think Differently, LLC, author of The Round Table - How to Leverage The Skills of Multiple Professions to Revitalize a Situation