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Renowned Insightful and captivating speaker.

Get ready to be inspired and challenged by Dr. Sohee, the sought-after, award-winning speaker. Her keynotes and talks have a unique power to tap into your heart and mind, driving transformation through inclusive collaboration.

With a deep connection to every individual in the room, Sohee encourages risk-taking and candor that sparks action. Embrace innovation, agility, and sustainable change to thrive in today's interconnected work world.

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Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos
Sohee Jun PhD leadership coach featured press logos

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Why choose me as your next keynote speaker.

As an experienced global keynote speaker, Dr. Sohee brings a unique blend of leadership experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women in the corporate world. Sohee offers engaging talks, panels, workshops and fireside chats that inspire and motivate, driving individuals to unlock their inherent leadership potential.

With a track record of empowering female leaders, Sohee’s speaking engagements leave audiences with actionable insights and renewed confidence to defy stereotypes, embrace leadership, and inspire bold and lasting change.

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“The Keynote was absolutely fantastic and insightful. Thank you very much.”

Seimens, S. Sadasivan

“Enjoyed attending the Women’s Leadership Conference…My favorite session was from Sohee Jun, Ph.D. 'Getting Off the Ever Elusive Balance Treadmill' I really needed to hear this message today!”

K. Alvarez

“Sohee brought true brilliance to our WLN Symposium! It was truly an honor to have you as our keynote to kickoff our symposium.”

Dr. Terry Walker

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Most Requested TALKS :

Taming the Inner Critic

At work and in life, your mindset can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Often, the biggest obstacle to your success is belief in yourself. Your limiting beliefs can result in stress, burnout, and the dreaded imposter syndrome. Dr. Sohee Jun has been coaching people for over 20 years to tame their inner critic. In this inspiring talk,

- Learn how to banish limiting beliefs.
- Learn powerful tools to amplify your unique strengths and have core confidence.
- Understand how to master your inner critic

Breaking Up with Balance

Did you know that 75% of workers report to middle managers, but these managers receive little training in leadership? Most people are promoted because of their skill in their field, not their skill with people. So, it’s no wonder that leaders at this level struggle to build their confidence and manage competing priorities. Sohee Jun understands these struggles because she has gone through them herself and has coached others through them.

- Learn how to win the inner game of confidence.
- Feel empowered to prioritize your version of success.
- Leave with skills to reach your full potential at work every day.

The Inner Work of Core Confidence

There is a misconception in life that we can have it all with a little time management - a great career, a loving family, good health, and a vibrant social life. However, to have success in one area, you need to take time away from one of the others. Chasing an elusive balance between different areas of your life will only result in stress, burnout, and unhappiness. Dr. Sohee Jun intimately understands the myth because she tried to achieve it herself and has been coaching others on how to get off the treadmill for 20 years.

- Learn to trust your inner guidance.
- Identify what your unique definition of success looks.
- Learn how to leave burnout and live an aligned life!

How Women Rise + Succeed at Work and Life

Ever wonder how "they" do it all? Do you find yourself asking, how is she doing it? In this engaging and powerful talk, Dr. Sohee shares her own lived experience with succeeding at work and life and shares the captivating stories and do-able strategies for how to succeed at work and life. Participants will feel seen, inspired and walk away ready to activate their success!

Advocating for yourself (DEI talk)

Have you ever felt unseen or undervalued at work? Do you want to speak up confidently for your needs and your achievements? In this captivating talk, Dr. Sohee shares her origin story as a S. Korean immigrant and how she's learned to strategically and authentically advocate for herself at work and in life! The audience will leave feeling connected to themselves and learn the critical skills necessary to successfully advocate to amplify your success.

"I really enjoyed working with Dr. Jun as our closing keynote for our inaugural Women in Aesthetics Leadership Conference. She really took the time to understand our audience’s needs and ours, as the conference hosts, and worked with us to craft a talk that was really targeted to them. Dr. Jun is a pleasure to work with, and she is so smart and approachable. She ended our program with so much information and positivity; I would highly recommend her for any program!”

Cathy Christensen, President and Chief Operating Officer; AmSpa

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